Who are we?

Charles Wiles    CEO & Founder of Zzish

Charles Wiles

CEO & Founder of Zzish

Founded by ex-Googler, Charles Wiles, Zzish is an educational app platform, which helps developers create, monetise and distribute applications and teachers discover, buy and use education applications in the classroom.


At the heart of our platform are our real- time teacher dashboards, a "virtual teaching assistant" that gives teachers instant insight into student strengths and weaknesses using any app. Combined with our own app Quizalize, a quiz app, Zzish makes the perfect formative assessment tool by enabling teachers to track the progress of each individual pupil, while creating a fun and engaging activity for their students.

Why Invest?

With over 70,000 teachers and 1,000,000 students using our services already, Zzish is rapidly becoming a global technology platform.  We need your help to build the most exciting, gamified real-time data application platform.  


Recent results have shown that Quizalize and Zzish are improving standardised test scored by 8-10%.  By investing in Zzish, you will help us: 

  • Improve our platform by funding new features such as a Parent Portal 
  • Expand our outreach to schools across the globe and help us on our mission to improve global disparities in education.
  • Grow our experienced sales and engineering teams to ensure that Zzish and Quizalize continues to have an impact upon student learning. 


Own a share for just £10 and be a part of the most exciting technological wave seen this century.

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