Led by Charles Wiles, an ex-Googler with a PHD in AI from Oxford University, we have built a platform which is transforming classroom learning for 1 million students and 70,000 teachers across the globe.  

We provide the tools for talented developers to create and monetise the best education apps while giving teachers data-driven, real-time insight into individual student performance. 

Performance which these teachers tell us improves by 10%, just by using Zzish.

We know Zzish has real impact in the classroom. Impact that we also know the education technology market, $6.4 trillion and growing, sees value in and is willing to pay for. 

We are about to start crowdfunding to accelerate growth, inviting passionate investors to come on our journey. To own a share in a team and technology that can rapidly scale to deliver this proven impact, where we already have footprint, across the world. Own shares in the classrooms of the future from just £10.