What is Zzish?

Zzish is a data-driven education app platform.  At it's core Zzish provides universal teacher dashboards that any app can plug into and that gamify student learning in the classroom whilst giving teachers instant insight into student learning gaps. 

Zzish Infographic


Our Zzish teacher dashboards and our Quizalize quiz application combine to deliver the world's leading formative assessment and classroom test prep tools. 75,000 teachers from 110 countries have signed up to use our award winning free products so far.  400 schools, districts and universities across the globe are in the process of purchasing Zzish Premium. Quizalize, powered by Zzish, is already improving student test scores by 8-10% in the United States and Ministries of Education are starting to recommend our products on a national scale.  Indeed, Zzish is rapidly becoming the world's leading education technology platform.


Our longer term mission is ...

... to develop technology to ensure every student fulfils their learning potential.

We believe that student learning can be improved by an order of magnitude by using software to make learning more engaging, more efficient and more effective.

  1. Engaging:  Every student should have a passion for learning and every teacher should enjoy teaching.
  2. Efficient: Teachers and students should know instantly where to focus their efforts to best improve learning.
  3. Effective: Learning should be personalised for each student and proven to help them learn faster.

Initially our goal is to ensure that every teacher, parent and student can easily find and use fun and engaging education applications personalised to each student's learning needs and proven to help each student master standards aligned learning objectives. We are levelling the playing field for app developers and transforming a broken education technology ecosystem so that applications that have a real impact on student learning succeed on a global scale, irrespective of the resources available to the developer. 


Zzish Teacher Dashboards

Our Zzish teacher dashboards provide students with an engaging whole class team game whilst giving teachers instant insight into student and class level learning gaps as students use any education application in the classroom. The engagement transforms student motivation and the insight enables teachers to instantly personalise their teaching to each student.  As a result students master standards aligned learning objectives faster and better.  Any developer can plug their applications into Zzish in hours for free using our simple and elegant APIs and provide students with a gamified classroom experience and give teachers instant insight.

Zzish App Discovery

Our Zzish "App Store" enables teachers to easily find and use education applications that have activities proven to help students master standards aligned learning objectives.  When developers plug their applications into Zzish they tell us which activities in the application address which learning objectives. We then measure the impact of these activities against the learning objectives. When students are struggling to master specific learning objectives we provide personalised recommendations of activities proven to help them succeed.


Quizalize is our own quiz engine that enables teachers to rapidly create quizzes that measure student mastery of standards aligned learning objectives and then use these quizzes in the classroom with Zzish teacher dashboards to engage students and identify learning gaps. When teachers create new quizzes they are automatically shared on the Quizalize Marketplace.  With 50,000 quizzes created by teachers from all over the world, in numerous languages and covering subjects from Mathematics through to Social Sciences, the Quizalize Marketplace is rapidly becoming the world's leading resource of high quality teacher created formative assessments.